Commercial Security Alarms

Commercial Security Alarms

Protect your premises and staff with our range of quality security alarm systems.


Intruder Alarm


​Your intruder alarm security system is the safest investment you can make. It must be carefully planned, installed and serviced regularly by PSA approved engineers.

Sometimes referred to as burglar alarm system, all intruder alarms installed by Harris Security Installations are tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers currently, while trying to consider any further scope development plans.

If you prefer we can send an Engineer to meet you at your place of business and provide you with a risk assessment with all vulnerable areas identified and you can agree a plan together.

 We can install Prewired, Wireless or a combination of both (Hybrid) Intruder alarm Systems

 Included as standard in your Harris Security Installations system; 

  • HKC Hybrid Control Panel with Remote Keypad.
  • External Siren/Alarm HKC Box.
  • External Decoy Alarm Box.
  • Internal Bell/Siren.
  • Back up battery in the event of power failure.
  • Panic buttons (Strategically place panic buttons throughout your business so employees have a quick and easy way to call for help)
  • One Passive Infrared Detector (Movement Detector/Beam).
  • Shock Sensors on all windows. (shock sensors can immediately alert you to a potential problem inside your business.)
  • Contacts on all windows.
  • Magnetic contacts on all exit/entry doors.
  • Various user code options
  • NSAI Certificate upon completion. (Most Insurance Companies will give you a discount in insurance based on a valid Certificate).

Harris Security Installations is Fully  Licenced by the PSA. 

Additional add ons if required; 

  • PIR Camera Beams
  • Additional Keypads/ Panic Alarms
  • Various Intruder codes – -each staff member has an individual code (easy to check set/unset times)
  • Intruder alarm Self Monitoring App Control connection
  • Intruder alarm – Monitoring Centre Connection
  • Intruder Alarm – Open & Close Service
  • Intruder Alarm – Keyholding Response service

 All of our Alarm Systems are installed by certified installers with calibrated equipment. These systems are installed in accordance with the PSA and NSAI standards, with whom we are both certified with.

Harris Security Installations can repair, upgrade, modify and maintain all types of security systems manufactured by companies.

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