Videofied is a great solution for vacant properties/sites because it requires nothing from the building itself- no power, no active phone line or live internet connection!

Since the Videofied system is portable, it can be relocated to new facilities if the building is sold on or when work is completed can be moved to the next site.

A prox tag can be left in the lock box to arm and disarm the system using the badge reader or it can be put on a 7-day schedule for auto arm and disarm.

Benefits for Vacant Properties

  • Instant wireless installation and easy relocation.
  • Cost effective alternative for work in progress sites.
  • Video verification of actual intrusions with priority Gardai response.
  • No heat or air-conditioning required, works in harsh environments.
  • 4 year battery life (no Mains power required) .
  • Ideal for Building Sites or construction site projects.
  • Long term purchase or short term rental options available.
  • 24hour Monitoring service
  • Can be moved around the site or from one site to another
  • The Video tells the story

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