Are you building a new home or office, renovating or adding an extension?

Then having an Intercom system installed throughout the home, can add value to
your property and also provide comfort and security.

Whether it’s a basic Front door 2 way answering system, or a complete Integrated
Intercom throughout an apartment block, we can design and install a system to suit your needs.

Why do I need an Intercom?
Intercom systems allow communications between a main entrance door/gate to  those inside the House/Building.
On pressing the 'press for access' button/buzzer on the intercom panel outside, the handset(s) will ring/buzz inside the building/house and a two way conversation can take place.  Once the identity of the caller/visitor is confirmed, the door can be unlocked by pressing a button on the handset allowing  the visitor entry.

A keypad or proximity card reader can also be incorporated into the intercom panel to allow family/friends free access without needing to use the intercom.

Your Intercom system should be designed around your lifestyle.  Some installations only require monitoring to the front door, such as small homes and units.  Other projects are much more comprehensive with stations in every room, monitoring  of baby nursery and a link from a purpose built extension for an elderly person or connection to a home office

Careful consideration needs to be given to your home in the planning/building stage, so that the  appropriate cabling can be run before the walls are plastered. Harris Security Installations provides a variety of intercom systems. Where it is difficult to install cable we can either use a wireless door intercom or a GSM door intercom. This provides a very neat and versatile installation

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