Residential CCTV

The cost of Domestic CCTV systems is constantly becoming cheaper therefore more and more people are installing CCTV systems at their homes.
CCTV Cameras can be used to see who's at the Front door as well as the perimeter of your home, or maybe to Internal cameras to monitor your baby sleeping upstairs.

Harris Security Installations domestic CCTV systems come in either Colour or Black & White and can view up to 8 cameras. Theses systems can be connected with your own existing video recorder and TV or you can purchase a new LCD screen – its up to you.

Features of domestic CCTV systems include, auto sequencing of cameras, time & date stamp, remote control, and event record. Event record means that when movement is detected by the sensor, the CCTV systems send a signal to your VCR or DVR, telling it to record the view from your CCTV camera. When no movement is detected, the CCTV camera will tell your VCR or DVR to stop, thus only recording useful footage and saving space.

To view your cameras over your SMART phone is also key. Our systems are all fully compatable with APPs for you to view anywhere anytime. 

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Sample set of 4 HIKvision Camera set with DVR                 Hikvision Camera installed outside           View from camera installed

showing the view from a smart phone