ID Cameras

Selling Alcohol or Tobacco to minors unknowingly?

Selling controlled/prescription substances over the counter?
Purchasing or selling firearms to and from the general public?

Do you need to record your customers ID?
Is your business or store exposed to a potential liability in not determining proper identification?

If you answered Yes to any of the above we would like to introduce you to the device you need,
The “i-Checked” System.

Utilizing the latest technology, the “i-Checked System” can aide you in an I.D. situation. The system will aide in the prevention or potential Alcohol, tobacco, and firearm sale violations, thereby lowering business liability in such cases.
The system records a customer’s I.D., helping to insure that employees are fulfilling their responsibility in checking a customer’s date of birth.
For example, if later you are confronted with an allegation that your business or store sold Alcohol to a minor, simply play back the DVR showing the presented I.D. 


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