Commercial Keyholding Responce

Keyholding and Alarm Response is an additional service we can offer.

Mainly used by Business who close at set times eg 6pm in the evening and also used by People who travel a lot. 

When you are leaving your premises - Simply set your intruder alarm as normal and go about your business. 

In the event of an intruder alarm activation your monitored alarm will contact your listed keyholders (if outside your requested hours) and inform them of the activation where they will attend to investigate on your behalf.

If the Intruder alarm activates during the 'normal business hours' the monitoring company will contact a separate list of onsite keyholders.

This is a fantastic service that is now very popular with customers who travel a lot.

In the event of their home alarm activating and the customer is nowhere local to attend - -The monitoring Centre will contact the keyholding response team giving you total peace of mind that your home is being attended to.

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